Recollections - A Portrait of a Life

Thank you for visiting Recollections--A Portrait of a Life.  After twelve years in this wonderful line of work, I have closed the business to pursue my second retirement. For those with whom I have done business over the years, I enjoyed my time with you and hope that you and your family now cherish a recording, narrative, or book I helped create.

If you are currently looking for someone to help with life story preservations, I refer you to the Association of Personal Historians (APH) to find members throughout the world who do this sort of work.  You can find the listings at:

APH is an organization to which I have proudly belonged.  All members of APH have agreed to adhere to the APH Code of Ethics (found at  Before choosing someone to assist you, however, I suggest you ask for work samples and check references, just as you would other people you might want to hire for services.

If you still need help finding a personal historian, please feel free to contact me at or 210-493-2673. 

My best wishes,

Patsy Kuentz