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Our Family Heirlooms and Their Stories

The Ideal Place for Documenting Your Treasured Belongings

What will become of all those unique and fascinating stories about your family heirlooms as the items pass down through your family?  This question inspired author Patricia A. (“Patsy”) Kuentz to create an  enjoyable, user-friendly system to organize and   document those important family details for future generations.I

In her book, Our Family Heirlooms and Their Stories (published by Recollections – A Portrait of a Life, $29.95), Patsy provides a practical method for storing facts and sharing memories, including helpful suggestions to capture the significance of each item.  The book’s convenient loose-leaf format includes 50 documentation forms to help you commit to paper such details as: how your family obtained the heirloom; its sentimental and monetary value; and who you want to receive the item when it is time to pass it along.  Photos, anecdotes, and other tidbits of information can be included (and are encouraged!). 

Hobbyists interested in genealogy and scrapbooking as well as anyone who has family items to pass from generation to generation will delight in this book.  The book is the ideal place to document family treasures, their history, and one’s wishes for their future. 

With an elegant cover designed by the award-winning Dunn + Associates Design, Our Family Heirlooms and Their Stories becomes a unique and cherished family heirloom itself, a book to proudly display in your home.  The book also makes a perfect gift for friends or relatives who hold treasured items that they want to pass on to future generations.

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